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The Shop

SO some of you many have noticed the shop option in the header bar, and if you clicked on it you see a rather empty shop, But I promise you it will be filled soon!

Over the past few weeks I have been clearing, sorting, gathering, finding all sorts of items to delight you with in my little blog shop. However listing them has been a bigger job than I was expecting, as I have recently discovered I do better in front of a camera rather than behind it. but I am working through it and hopefully over the coming weeks it will be filled with items for you to browse.

As this is a blog shop it will run a little differently (for now) to a shopping site, so here is how it will work;

All items for sale will be shown in the Galleries at the bottom of the page with information about the item ( in case of clothing, measurement taken lying flat will be given in both Inches and CM)

If you are interested in an item fill out the contact form at the top, including the name of the item as Given with the image, as well as any questions about the item. I do check my emails at least once a day so I will get back to you as soon as I see your email

I do ship world wide based on An Post rates and postal restriction which may be in place. Also as I also have a day Job items will be posted the following Friday after payment received.

All payments are to be made via PayPal after confirmation of shipping costs.

This is a work in progress, and I may migrate to a normal shopping cart design,

Let go Shopping

L. xx

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