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1960's Baby Blue Petticoat slip


This fabulous sheer blue slip with ra-ra trim is perfect for under those swing skirts and dress when you want an understated shape. Made by Raywrap, 100% Nylon, sz36

Garment mesurements (Some Streach)

Bust; 36 in/ 91cm

Waist 32 in / 81cm

Hip; 42 in / 106.5cm

Length; 42 1/2 in / 108cm

Vintage Lemon mesh slip


this simple Lemon slip with lace details on trim and bust is perfect for under those beautiful dresses and unlined skirts, and hang in the most faltering way, or as night negligee on a warm evening.

Garment Messurements (some stretch)

Bust 41in / 104cm

Waist 40in / 102cm

Hip; 42 in / 107cm

length 38 in / 97cm

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