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Im Back, Well sort of

I kind of disappeared for a while, but you know going in to Irelands 3 and longest lockdown, along with the horrible weather we have been having here means my days have not been very interesting, mostly just eating.... and this time i don't have baking the world to right as a excuse.

I have always been a very tactile person, you know the ones who must feel all the fabrics in the cloth shop, or would buy pillows with mutable different textures just so I can lounge about and feel them. That also translates into my social personality, I am tactile when socializing, I love hugs and linking arms with friends while walking. and this is more than likely the reason that I prefer the closer dances like Balboa and Blues, my desire to be tactile. So I am digressing a bit, but the year of no touching is really beginning to wear heavily on me, to the point where the hole " be kind" to yourself and "mindfulness" as over indulgent of cheese, wine and buttery cakes, because I need them to be happy and sane, but i really don't, certainly over eating is making me unhealthier and well less happy within myself, never mind the fact the self care and mindfulness to me is looking after yourself with the aim of becoming a better member of the community, you cannot help others if your burnt out yourself.

I'm feeling very philosophical now that in less than a week I will be turning 30! I also bout a clarinet and 85cm Dancing fans. I am determined to make this decade about doing what I like and enjoying what I do, as well as getting healthy again, I think that will be the theme for my 30's. Get Healthy in all aspects s of my life 🤔

Also, with the time off I have had due to being between contracts in my day job, I have had time to fix the shop and get it up and running :D and hopefully get back in they way of writing posts, even tho I don't particularly feel that I have anything interesting to write about, (but then again a friend did point out that none of us are doing anything interesting so even me documenting my stroles may be interesting to someone somewhere)


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