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Hello Lovlies

Welcome to my website/Blog. I do hope you will like it.

This is something I have had as an idea in the back of my head for a while, but never got round to, or potential had the gumption to put my world out there but in to action. But with all that has happen in 2020 and a major slowdown of my day today life, I now have the time energy and crazy to get this going,

I plan to fill this blog with everything I love, what gives me joy, and on occasions those hard thing that happen to us in our lives. So you have, Food, Recipes, Dancing, Travels, Pin up, Beauty, Hair, and all those other eccentricities that I wish to share, like my learning to live with a coconut allergy

For the Last 5 months, I have been working with the wonderful Sophie O'Regan, to Design the website, gather photos form our past shoots, and planning new ones, all to launch this via socially distanced coffee meetings in the park. So I hope you like all the work we both put in to give you everything


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