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Learning Language Through Cooking,

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

So as so of you may know I have been learning Italian (taking classes in earnest since June, and using Babel/memorise apps since January, I Know a new years resolution that stuck) I not going to lie I'm slow at the uptake and having a strong rhythmic accent has made the progression so speaking a whole lot more fun. There are multiple reason for why I choose Italian, and I will divulge more later when I have a bit more confidence in my ability.

my Italian study kit

Cooking is something I love, and so many others do too. For me cooking (together or for someone) and then eating together, especially with the friends I love, is one of the most important things to me, you can share so much just with this small act, even "put the world to right." and I often try to translate recipes as an aid to my own learning, For me Cooking and Food is a form of communication as well, all be it a mainly emotional one, so why not mix the cooking together with learning a new language.

Together with my Spanish friend Izzy, I have being having a weekly cooking and English exchange wither her niece and neighbour, who are both learning English in school. This has been a highlight of my week and in the short time we have been zooming you can see a difference in how they speak, they are getting so much better, the need less repeating and can even understand my Northern Irish way of speaking ( I still feel guilty if they end up with a NI accent to there English, its cant be easy for them), and I have picked up a few random words and phrases in Spanish,

so far we have made, Croquetas, Spanish Omelette, Chicken Tikka Curry, Fish Pie, Scones, and Abuelita's Shortbread, among other recipes,

They even inspired me to complete the TEFL qualification, so come may I will be a fully qualified English teacher, with plans to offer Cooking and Craft conversation classes, as as fun and passive way to learn a language (In particular, conversation skills and confidence to speak) and share some good food in the process, (did you know in Europe, and in particular Spain, it is not normal to put potato in Croquettes !!! it was a mind melt to me how they stayed together without potato, but they are amazing, I would never of known this without our little exchange)

I am looking for someone to do some Italian practice in the future but Im not quite at that stage yet :D And if anyone would like to join for some English Conversation and Cooking let me know, the more the merrier :D

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